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Armed with a clear understanding of brand attributed and projects goals, our team works to develop a series of manufacture able, brand-appropriate packaging concepts. We focus on improving the user experience, enhancing functionality, and maximizing manufacturing efficiencies. H2O is in a unique position to evaluate packaging solutions not only in terms of their aesthetic appeal, but also in terms of their functionally, manufacture ability and impact on our client’s supply chains. With low-cost, in -house prototyping option, we are equipped to check from, function and fir early in design process to optimize our solutions to the fullest


Our structural design team and graphic designer work closely together in order to present you with custom packaging solution that showcase your product in the most visually effective way while ensuring structural integrity and soundness.


We start with a discussion on preference and requirement for materials,size and cohesiveness with other product lines. Using the latest software, we generate multiple solution presented to you in 2D representations,3D mock-ups or full on prototypes


Our design team would appreciate the opportunity to sit sown with your thermoform and paperboard packaging ideas, challenges and preference.


Our functional team of industrial designer  and engineer are ready to assist with :
  • Bottle and Closure Design
  • Dispensing and Closing System
  • Ergonomics and From Factors
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Rapid Prototyping