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different RESINS

different PURPOSE

CSD : Carbonated Soft Drinks

The resins in PET bottles used to package carbonated soft drinks need very specific qualities. The material must be extremely strong to contain the internal pressures CO2without distortion or expansion. Clarity is another important aspect of drink packaging in terms of consumer acceptance




Water : The Clear Story

Unlike carbonated drinks,the bottle filled with still water needs only enough strength to hold water and to survive impact.PET used in water bottles needs to be very clear and may be even slightly blue in color. Water is a flavorless product. having a plastic that remains tasteless and odorless is imperative. In general terms PET doesn’t affect the taste of the product it protects and therefore is key material fro packaging water


Juice: Hot Fill Qualities

Juices and many other products such as sport drinks or other high acid drinks are hot filled into PET bottles.In these cases the package is heat set in order to improve the temperature resistance of the container.




Pharmaceuticals : Safe in PET

PET bottles are apt for pharma liquid products such as cough syrups, antibiotics, vitamins, suspensions, gripe water, etc. Due to their robust structure, purity, tight and secure packaging; these bottles are highly appreciated by the world drug industry